UTSA Dining

  • UTSA Dining is environmentally conscious through local purchasing, minimalizing waste by recycling, offering reusable Eco-To-Go containers, recycling fryer oil, and going strawless at most dining locations.
  • UTSA Dining promotes responsible portioning and reduced waste at all stages of the dining process, from preparation to service.
  • UTSA Dining is working to improve labeling on recycling and trash receptacles in the John Peace Library and Student Union food courts to provide better education on recyclable items.
  • Pending additional coordination with Civic Engagement, UTSA Dining is researching “Recycling Ambassador” volunteer opportunities to assist customers in identifying reusable items from landfill-designated materials.  
  • By serving food on dishware instead of trays, the Roadrunner Café minimizes water use.
  • Customers can reduce paper use by declining printed receipts.
  • Learn more about UTSA Dining’s environmental initiatives.


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