FY 2021 Funded Projects

FY 2020 Funded Projects

Commercial Refrigerators for the Road Runner pantry14,850
AI Smart Home Research 8,771
Outdoor Wellness Space (furniture and charging stations)13,000/5,000 installation
UTSA Student Garden refresh and maintenance5,000
Green Wall installation (student project)3,900
Several Projects awarded but not realized due to COVID-19

FY 2019 Funded Projects

Tito Bradshaw Bicycle Repair Shop$20,000
#Make UTSA Walkable (request for matching funds)$120,000
ESE UTSA Pollinator Program (undergraduate research)27,647/3yr program
Hand painted Signs and Commercial Murals$1,000
Agro-ecological Research of Indigenous-Peasant Biodiversity$2,000
Fast Wireless Pulse Charging of UTSA Electric Golf-carts3,907
Minimizing Flood Impacts2,500
The Impact of Vegetation on Environmental Sustainability at UTSA4,000
Urban Land Use Edwards Aquifer1,245
SAWS Collaboration for Potable Water Reduction$11,000
UTSA Sustainable Positive Energy House Design15,000/2yr graduate program
Evaluation of Vegetation and Soils to Improve Carbon Sequestration and Ecosystem Services at UTSA82,619/3yr graduate program