Ways you can save energy or reduce your carbon footprint:

  • VIA U-Pass: Beginning fall 2019, UTSA students and employees have free access to ride VIA throughout San Antonio. Leave your vehicle at home and let VIA bring you to campus! Learn more about U-Pass.
  • Carpooling: Carpooling saves money and reduces traffic congestion on and around campus. Visit Alamo Commutes for help locating a carpool, then register your carpool with Campus Services.
  • Zipcar: This car-sharing program allows current students and employees to reserve a car short-term. Join today.
  • Biking or Bike Sharing: UTSA provides bike racks throughout the Main and Downtown Campus. Register your bike for free and remember to practice bicycle safety
  • Tito Bradshaw Bicycle Repair Shop: The bike repair shop has various tools and tubes to make your own repairs to your bikes and skateboards. The Shop hours are: Currently Closed due to Spring Break

Visit Campus Services to learn more about alternative transportation options.