February 20, 2020 The UTSA Student Union partnered with Whataburger to bring us the Whataburger Resource Room Durango Building 1st floor, 1.306, stocked full of yummy food and all sorts of materials! Check it out!

Commercial Refrigerators provided by the Office of Sustainability Funding; SUSTAIN

Abby C., now a graduate student alum ’19, requested a refrigerator in the Roadrunner Pantry. Her story, like many others, was one of comfort and longing for home. From Houston, Abby told us she longed for those comfort moments at home when she would eat cereal for breakfast and watch cartoons to decompress. While attending UTSA and living away from home, she would often utilize the Roadrunner Pantry. However perishable items like milk, eggs, and fresh produce, were more difficult to get from the pantry. Abby’s request speaks to two of the 3 pillars of sustainability, Economics, Social, and Environmental, sustainability. The Student Union helps the entire campus by reducing issues with food scarcity and food security by giving our Runners a place to access goods. The Sustainable Initiatives Review Committee (SIR-C), a student led committee that hears requests like Abby’s, decided that we needed two commercial refrigerators, one at Downtown Campus and one at Main Campus. SIR-C provided $14, 849.00 for refrigerators and a little more to help provide student staff to help increase the amount of time the pantry is open. We’re so proud to have helped a little bit with this important student resource by the Student Union! Keep those project request coming Runners! (and now, you can request funding each month through the SGA Business Affairs committee). See proposal page to find out how to apply.