Tito Bradshaw was a Southtown bike shop owner who activated his community by organizing bike rides, championed active transportation policy and infrastructure, and allowed his business to be used for community gatherings. He was tragically killed by a motorist in downtown San Antonio while riding his bike.

The repair shop is named after Tito Bradshaw because UTSA Sustainability wants the bike repair shop to embody the attributes of his legacy, bicycle advocacy, community, placemaking, and a safer bicycling experience for our students. To keep ‘Runners Rolling, the Office of Sustainability supplies various tools for you to repair your bike, as well as materials like tubes and lubes to students free of charge. Our goal is to allow students the ability to make light repairs like flat tire changes to their bicycles to keep them riding. Email us at Bikeshop@utsa.edu for questions, see here for a list of tools and information, or see here for shop hours.

San Antonio is currently in non-attainment for ground level ozone.  Ground level ozone contributes to poor air quality and effects our ability to breathe.  Vehicles, power plants, boilers, and other sources, emit volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and oxides of nitrogen (NOx). When VOC’s and NOx react in the presence of heat and sunlight, ground level ozone is created. UTSA Sustainability provides a program through a grant from the Texas Department of Transportation to reduce ground level ozone and vehicle congestion on campus by helping to increase active transportation on and around UTSA.  Learn more about ground level ozone here.   

To keep ‘Runners rolling, the Office of Sustainability operates the Tito Bradshaw Bicycle Repair Shop at the main campus and the Tito Bradshaw Mobile Bicycle Repair Shop for the Downtown Campus.  Our shops carry free tubes and keep a variety of tools for bicycles, scooters, skates, and skateboards.  Students are welcome to stop in for repairs when we are open, or contact us for questions.  The mobile bike shop is available to service the downtown campus and carries tools, a mobile compressor and tubes. If you see us on campus, flag us down and check it out! 

Bike Shop Hours