Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 12.48.37 PMBusiness Affairs’ efforts touch thousands of campus community members every day. In the spring, members of the UTSA Student Government Association (SGA) approached VPBA about the possibility of installing hydration stations at the MH and MS buildings. They like the convenience of filling up their reusable bottles with cool, filtered water as well as the cost savings and the reduced impact on the environment. This was a job for the Facilities Construction Team, which provides university departments faster, cheaper, flexible options for renovations and repairs. The Facilities Construction Team Manager Roy Garza met with SGA Representative Kate Falconer to identify the number and locations of the hydrations stations. The organization requested that two units be installed on the second floor of MH and two units installed on the second floor of the MS. Facilities managed the installation of four new hydration stations at the desired locations.

Hydration stations on UTSA campuses, first installed in 2014 and now totaling 39, have already prevented the use of tens of thousands of water bottles. Check out their locations on this map.

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